Nadya Belova

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About Me

The creative process.

I work with abstract forms because I believe the world to be abstract itself. Our perception of events and objects is completely individual and subjective. Words are sounds and the way we view the world around us is a palette of colors and basic knowledge of form. 

I'm interested in capturing my first impressions, the first perception of form and color, important details that sometimes slip away from us, generalizing concepts and signs from which familiar images and the painting itself later form.

Emerging associations are interesting to draw and complement, carefully adding my own vision, while preserving the original message.

While learning to identify, it is important to remember that oneness is the multiplicity of the truth. There is a countless amount of images and signs, and every person sees their own.

I like to work in deep concentration, over a short period of time, just as an athletic sprinter would do, in so achieving the maximum result.

I then go on to finish the images I transfer to canvas slowly, revealing the whole picture as if it were a puzzle, finding details, events and images known to me in the process.  
Even memory is superfluous. It is but a collection of already changed, illustrated impressions.

Graduated from Moscow Academy of Culture and Arts, department of Art Advertising.


Graduated from the Department of Monumental-Decorative Art Academy in Moscow



1998 - participation in a TV programme «Up to 16 and Older» decorating interiors of a flat.

1999 - Moscow Teacher Training College, decorating the scene and interiors.

2002 - Solntzevo, exhibition and sale

2003- exhibition at Moscow Academy of Culture and Arts (instalation with the puppet doll )

2004-2005- exetrn student , Institute of Contemporary Art

2005 - Nizinsky Theatre, decorator, Moscow

2006 - Solntsevo exhibition and sale

2007-2009- the designer in the studio,

2009-2011-teacher of decorative arts Barvikha

2012-  painting in the church of St. Innocent, Moscow

2012- painting at the Catholic monastery of St. Elizabeth, Rome

2013- exhibition, "Image of Freedom" , Moscow

2014 -  Art painted ceiling in a Catholic monastery of St. Elizabeth , Rome

2016- prizewinner "International Art Week", Moscow, exhibition and sale

2016 -artistic restoration Culture Center Izmailovsky Kremlin

2017-participation in a TV programme «Lot-TV» , auction


Works in the field of monumental art in various techniques.

с 2010 года по настоящее время
с 2010 года по настоящее время